Rose Geranium Leaf

Rose Geranium Leaf
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Rose Geranium Leaf Garnish, a wonderful secent of roses and imparts flavor of rose when infused. Makes a great rose scented finger bowl when infused in hot water. Use as an infusion in white sweet sauces and creams. Leaf itself is rather strong and normally not eaten. May be used as a garnish and if hot sweets are placed upon it will infuse the rose flavor into the item. We use this quite often with hot chocolate ganache brownies with the edible flowers and a dusting of powdered sugar infused with rose geranium.

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Rose Geranium and Nasturtium Leaf Garnishes

Rose Geranium Leaf and Nasturtium Leaf make wonderful accents and garnish to these edible flowers and strawberry filled with sweet cream cheese as a light dessert.