#1 Premium Ginger Seed Stock for Planting

Fresh Ginger seed stock
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http://www.gingeru.com or https://ginger.planetearthdiversified.com

Selected Planting Stock of Ginger Seed by the pound. WE have grown and selected Hawaiian select ginger for 5 Years to produce clean disease free seed stock. It is worth the wait to have clean seed.

How to Grow Ginger in Virginia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7_yz1CsUAU 

We grow the seed stock for several years to be sure it is clean and disease free. We then allow the crop to mature untill the tops experience senescence and begin to fall away. The mature rhizomes are then ready to be divided and begin regrowth for the next crop. 

These rhizomes are the seed pieces prefered for planting. Ours will have green or white eyes and will be shipped in dry media to regulate their moisture and should be stored until use in room temperature open environment - do not wrap in plastic or seal in air tight containers.

For bulk shipping  select "GND for seed and non-temperature sensitive" shipping for lowest shipping cost if you are certain it will not be exposed to freezing temperatures in transit.